Corporate partners play a vital role in promotion and setting benchmarks for skill competitions. Their contribution, through direct and indirect investment, creates value for skills in the whole ecosystem, enabling the overall development of the nation.

    Why join the IndiaSkills and WorldSkills movement?
  • Talent Identification:

    IndiaSkills Competition provides an opportunity to identify and connect with talented individuals who may become future employees. Corporates can scout for potential hires with specific skills and competencies that align with their industry needs

  • Brand Visibility

    Partnering in IndiaSkills Competition enhances a company's brand visibility and reputation. It demonstrates a commitment to skill development and education, which can attract positive attention from customers, investors, and potential partners

  • Innovation and Expertise:

    Collaborating with skilled participants can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the corporate world. IndiaSkills Competition participants often possess specialized knowledge and expertise that can benefit a company's projects and research.

  • Employee Engagement

    Encouraging employees to participate in IndiaSkills Competition can boost their morale and engagement. It provides an opportunity for professional development and showcases a commitment to skill enhancement within the organization.

  • CSR and Education Support

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives can be fulfilled by supporting IndiaSkills Competition, contributing to education, and fostering skill development in communities. This aligns with socially responsible business practices.

  • Market Research

    Corporates can gain insights into emerging trends, technologies, and talent pools by engaging with IndiaSkills Competition. This information can inform strategic decisions and help a company stay competitive.