Academic institutions

The primary focus of academic partner is to connect with community and spread awareness about WorldSkills India and its competitions. The work will include citywide marketing and outreach activities or organisational planning for competitions, in carrying out a mission to acquire global skill sets which can be assimilated in their curriculum and teaching practices.

Why become an Academic Partner with WorldSkills India?
  • Skill Development:

    : IndiaSkills Competition provides students with hands-on experience and an opportunity to develop practical skills relevant to their fields of study. Partnering with such competitions helps academic institutions align their curriculum with industry needs, ensuring students graduate with relevant expertise

  • Global Exposure

    International skill competitions offer students a chance to compete at a global level, exposing them to diverse cultures and approaches to problem-solving. This exposure can broaden their horizons and enhance their global competitiveness.

  • Enhanced Reputation:

    Partnering with IndiaSkills Competition and international skill competitions can enhance an institution's reputation. It signals a commitment to excellence in education and skill development, attracting students and faculty members

  • Research and Innovation

    Involvement in IndiaSkills Competition and international skill competition often involves solving real-world problems and applying cutting-edge technologies. This can stimulate research and innovation within academic institutions.

  • Industry Engagement

    Collaboration with IndiaSkills Competition facilitates stronger ties with industry partners. Academic institutions can gain insights into industry trends, engage in joint projects, and offer students opportunities for internships and employment

  • Career Opportunities:

    Winning or participating in the prestigious IndiaSkills Competition can significantly improve students' career prospects. Employers often seek graduates with practical skills and a track record of excellence.