Founded in 1950, WorldSkills is the global hub for skills excellence and development. WorldSkills brings youth, industries, and educators together to give youth the chance to compete, experience, and learn how to become the best in their skill of choice. From the traditional trades to multi-skilled technology careers in the industry and service sectors, supported by partners, industries, governments, volunteers, and educational institutions, WorldSkills’ vision is to improve the world through the power of skills. It has 85 member countries and regions, all working with youth, educators, governments, and industries to help prepare the workforce and talent of today for the jobs of the future.

WorldSkills India

WorldSkills India is an initiative of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. NSDC, through its WorldSkills India initiative, has been leading the country's participation at WorldSkills International competitions since 2011.

The key objectives of WorldSkills India are to:

  • Promulgate skills in society to motivate the youth to pursue vocational education
  • Champion skills and learning for work through local, regional, national and international skills competitions
  • Create partnership network comprising governments, industry, academic partners, Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions, trade associations and youth to promote skills
  • Establish long-term association with WorldSkills International and other WorldSkills member countries


IndiaSkills, the country’s biggest skill competition, is designed to demonstrate the highest standards of skilling and offers a platform to young people to showcase their talent at national and international levels. IndiaSkills Competition is held every two years with the support of state governments and industry. The next IndiaSkills Competition will be held in December 2021.

Vision & Mission

  • Provide a platform where emerging professionals can display their workplace skills with utmost perfection and make India proud
  • Facilitate cooperation among governments, industry and academia
  • Create nationwide awareness, ownership and participation across various skills
  • Help the Indian youth attain world-class standards of competence, excellence and productivity


Atul Kumar Tiwari

Additional Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship & Official Delegate, WorldSkills India

Prakash Sharma

Chief Financial Officer, National Skill Development Corporation & Technical Delegate - WorldSkills India

Col. Arun Kumar Chandel

Senior Head, WorldSkills India

Amit Rangta

Operations Manager & Technical Delegate Assistant, WorldSkills India

Indira Thakur

Assistant Manager, Operations & Administration, WorldSkills India

Akhilesh Srivastava

Coordinator, WorldSkills India


What is WorldSkills International competition?

WorldSkills International is the largest skill competition in the world, organised once every two years in one of the member countries. More than 1300 contestants below the age of 23, compete for gold, silver and bronze medals, in over 50 skills. The competition is held over a span of four days.

What is WorldSkills India?

WorldSkills India is an initiative of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship which has been leading India’s participation at WorldSkills International competitions since 2011.

WorldSkills India is responsible for the selection, development, management and participation of Team India in WorldSkills Competitions and other international competitions.

WorldSkills India makes the final decision on any issues regarding every stage of the International competition journey and selection processes.

What is the role of NSDC ?

The role of National Skill Development Corporation is to

  • Act as the WorldSkills India & IndiaSkills secretariat
  • Establish linkages and contacts with various stakeholders of the industry to promote the association.
  • Provide support and synergy for efforts of WorldSkills India through its Skills Development initiatives.

Who can participate?

Any skilled person born on or after 1st January 1999 could participate in any of the skills mentioned below, with the exception to Aircraft Maintenance, Manufacturing Team Challenge and Mechatronics, where the candidate should have been born on or after 1st January 1996.

What is the selection process and how to participate?

The potential competitors needs to register through an online portal ( state or national) to participate in Indiaskills Competitions. The selection will be conducted by state government, sector skill councils in partnership with academic & industry partners at district, zone, state level. The selected state champions will be competing in regional competitions which will be organized by Indiaskills in partnership with sector skill councils, corporate and academic partners. The regional competition winners will be showcasing their skills at Indiaskills National competitions.