Calendar & Events

  • 2021

    January 2021- April 2021

    15th Jan-25th Apr

    JuniorSkills 2021

    All India
  • 2020

    July 2020- September 2020

    16th Jul-20th Sep

    EuroSkills 2020

    Exhibition Centre Graz, Graz, Austria
  • 2019

    August 2019- September 2019

    29th Aug-3rd Sep

    WorldSkills Kazan 2019

    45th WorldSkills Competition

    Kazan Expo, Kazan, Russia
  • 2018

    November 2018- December 2018

    29th Nov-1st Dec

    National Skills Competition WorldSkills France

    Caen, France
    November 2018- December 2018

    29th Nov-1st Dec

    National Skills Competition Italy/ South Tyrol

    Bozen/Bolzano, Italy
    November 2018- November 2018

    22nd Nov-25th Nov

    AustrianSkills 2018

    Messe Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
    October 2018- October 2018

    23rd Oct-25th Oct

    National Competition Norway

    National Competition for apprentices and young workers

    October 2018- October 2018

    14th Oct-19th Oct

    WorldSkills General Assembly 2018

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    September 2018- September 2018

    26th Sep-30th Sep

    EuroSkills 2018

    Budapest, Hungary
    September 2018- September 2018

    12th Sep-16th Sep

    SwissSkills 2018

    National Competition Switzerland

    Bern Expo, bern, Switzerland
    August 2018- September 2018

    31st Aug-2nd Sep

    ASEAN Skills Competition

    Challenger hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand
    July 2018- July 2018


    IndiaSkills Competitions

    National Competition

    June 2018- April 2018

    2nd Jun-6th Apr

    WorldSkills Australia National Competition

    Sydney, Australia
    April 2018- April 2018

    28th Apr-30th Apr

    IndiaSkills Kerala State Competition

    April 2018- May 2018

    25th Apr-28th May

    LuxSkills 2018 National Competition

    We are proud to welcome the organizers of the apprenticeship-day 2018 this platform allows connecting between pupils and companies seeking for apprenticeships

    Centre national de formation professionnelle continue, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
    April 2018- April 2018

    9th Apr-12th Apr

    National Competition Norway

    National Competition for VET-Students

    March 2018- March 2018

    22nd Mar-23rd Mar

    IndiaSkills Odisha -->

    March 2018- March 2018

    15th Mar-25th Mar

    Skills Talents finals

    IJsselhallen, Zwolle, Netherlands
    March 2018- March 2018

    15th Mar-17th Mar

    Skills Heroes finals

    see website for detailed information, Netherlands?

    Various locations
    March 2018- March 2018

    1st Mar-15th Mar

    GCC Skills

    Exact dates to be confirmed

    February 2018- March 2018

    25th Feb-2nd Mar

    National Competition Portugal

    400 competitors 40 skills Conference cycle Parallel animation

    IEFP - Beja Vocational Training Centre, Beja, Portugal
    January 2018- January 2018

    18th Jan-20th Jan

    National Competition Denmark

    Messecenter Herning, Herning, Denmark
  • 2017

    September 2017- February 2018

    17th Sep-25th Feb

    Skills Heroes qualifications

    The Skills Heroes qualifications will take place from November 2017-February 2018. Please see website for additional information

    Various locations, see website, Netherlands